Tales Of Glory (PC)

Write your own destiny and lead your troops to victory in ultra immersive and epic medieval battles.
This is Tales Of Glory, a VR-Only RoomScale game compatible with Vive & Oculus Rift + Touch.


More than 100 NPCs on the battlefield in battles involving more than 2000 soldiers continuously spawning

damage System

Physically based damage system. The harder you hit, the more damage you do.


Choose between more than 20 weapons ( Mace, Polearms, Swords, Axes, Bow, Javelin...) with lag system to simulate weapon weight.

horse Riding

Ride Your Horse Through Enemy Lines

control Your Troops

Simple order system to control your army on the battlefield (Follow, Attack, Auto, Guard...)

battle Fields

13 beautiful and immersive battlefields for now & a complete tutorial level to master game mechanics.

play For Hours

The game is fully randomized so you can play each level hundred times, it's always a different battle


Each Npcs Have It's Own Combat Ai.


BlackTale Games


BlackTale Games