The Burst (PC)

The Burst is a smashing high-speed shooter in VR with intense movement and gunplay.
The story takes place on a desert prison planet, where convicts are preparing for rebellion.
You are sent to eliminate the infamous warlord.
Use everything at your disposal to restore order and escape.Advanced player mobilityGet to your objective by means of physically intuitive and immersive parkour. As the story progresses discover new mobility options: wall running and rail surfing.HookA multifunctional tool: advance your movement options by opening new paths and sublocations, solving puzzles, pulling and pushing objects, weapons, even enemies.Creative combatUse the interactive environment, parkour and hook in combat. Even if you are low on ammo, pull and throw at your enemies anything you can get your hands on: guns, empty mags, random junk, heavy crates and more.Dead, but not hollowExperience a mix of Post-apocalypse and Sci-Fi: stay on a lookout for secrets of a once prosperous colonized planet that turned into a scorched radioactive penal servitude colony. Visit prisoner camps and settlements as well as ruins left after The Burst.


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GoRapid Studio



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