Skyworld (PC)

As the sole heir to the throne, you alone can restore your father’s dragon empire to its former glory. Armed with the king’s scepter, powered by the most powerful magic in the world, and with the knowledge of the magic book of spells at your fingertips, it is up to you to recapture and reunite the Skyworlds; shards of the world broken off by a coven of evil witches. The quest to redeem your father’s legacy begins … Can you tame dragons?

Skyworld brings back the basic, fun gameplay of beloved TBS classics with bite-sized matches, but in a groundbreaking room-space VR experience. Built and optimized for VR from the ground up, Skyworld is a VRTBS that allows you to walk around your battle map and rule your empire as if you were standing in the midst of it.

Armed with the world’s most powerful magic tools, you must build and lead an army strong enough to tame the powerfull dragons and bring back together your father’s empire.

Room-space VR
Step into a virtual world where you are king and walk around your battle map as if you were there, with the use of the revolutionary room-space VR technology – or stay seated for a more relaxed experience with your VR headset of choice. Skyworld is a VRTBS game that was exclusively built and optimized for VR from the ground up.

With a wave of your scepter and the magic book of spells’ knowledge at your fingertips, you are the one and only true heir to the throne who can tame the mighty dragons. Now they will do your bidding and wreak havoc on your enemy’s forces and territory.

Classic TBS gameplay
Get back to the basics of turn-based strategy gaming and enjoy the gameplay from all-time classics one more time in an all-new quest to become the ultimate ruler. Manage your economy, build and lead your armies, attack and siege the enemy, build and upgrade your castles, and MASTER DRAGONS.

Bite-sized gaming
No need to invest 20 hours in a match if you don’t want to – Skyworld brings back the beloved simple gameplay of TBS classics in bite-sized chunks, offering you short and sweet gaming sessions in the immersive VR world.


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