The Under Presents (Quest)

From the creators of “Virtual Virtual Reality” - Welcome to the Under! A time and mind bending theatrical adventure.

Unravel the mysteries of The Aickman, a doomed research vessel trapped in Arctic ice, in our newest act “Timeboat!”
Follow our crew as they vanish one by one
Manipulate time to alter characters’ fates
Collaborate with your past selves to explore our crew’s memories
Meet Gerald, a most unusual dolphin
Cozy up to new friends and enjoy stage shows

The Under Presents:
Erin Markey sings “Wet Food”
Sweaty Eddie does his laundry
Shasta Geaux Pop thrusts exponentially
Ronald Peet navigates the fog
Deepali Gupta conducts murmurations
Everyone’s favorite animatronics: The Lame Drivers
Sean Spada takes it slow
Apple Pie Bundy has some special friends he’d like you to meet

** For a limited time, guests may experience special performances by live actors **

*For everyone’s safety, the staff of the Under wants to discourage guests from using ritual magic to enlarge the crobs.*


Tender Claws


Tender Claws



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