Propagation: Paradise Hotel (PC)

You were working at the luxurious Paradise Hotel when the apocalypse struck. For weeks, you've been hiding while people became sick and crazy, attacking each other in a mysterious and contagious rage. But you will have to get out of there eventually if you want to live. Will you survive this nightmare and find your way out?

The original Propagation VR short experience was released for free on Steam in 2020. Following the very enthusiastic reviews, WanadevStudio has been working on this gripping VR solo survival horror adventure based on the Propagation universe, emphasizing key features of the genre:

Immersive story: Live a full-fledged scenario that will make you experience extreme emotions and take you through intense phases of exploration, stealth, and action
Vast environment: Explore the Paradise Hotel, once a beautiful building, now in an apocalyptic situation
Advanced game mechanics: Realistic weapon handling, Self-Healing, Environment searching, Puzzles
Horror atmosphere: Attention to detail in the graphic and sound quality for incredibly immersive horror, and of course, terrifying encounters with zombies, mutants, and more...
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Mayo 4, 2023

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