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Abril 28, 2016

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Bigscreen is a social virtual desktop app that lets you use your computer in VR on massive virtual screens. Play your favorite PC games, watch movies in a virtual theater, or use any Windows application.

Bigscreen also lets you hangout in virtual worlds, play PC games, have a virtual LAN party, watch a movie with friends, or relax by the campfire and chat.


  • PLAY your favorite PC games on massive screens
  • WATCH movies, TV, Netflix, YouTube - anything you can do on your PC today
  • CUSTOMIZE your screen to the perfect position, size, and curvature
  • VIRTUAL WORLDS from a luxury house, campfire, theaters, to outer space
  • 3D SBS (Side-by-Side) & OU support for 3D movies & games
  • SOCIAL VR hangout in Multiplayer in Public and Private rooms with up to 4 players
  • CROSS-PLATFORM support with Oculus Rift & HTC Vive
  • VOICE CHAT positional audio to chat with friends
  • DESKTOP SHARING to look at a friend's computer screen in VR. Watch movies together, have a virtual LAN party, and more!
  • CONTROLLERS supports LeapMotion, Oculus Touch, Oculus Remote, and HTC Vive to interact with your computer and wave at friends
  • MULTIPLE MONITORS supports up to 3 monitors, showing either your physical monitors or virtual/emulated monitors

Coming soon

  • Mobile VR headsets
  • Larger multiplayer rooms
  • More virtual worlds
  • Better performance
More features coming soon! Bigscreen is regularly updated.

Ideas? Feature requests? Bugs? Email us at – we respond to all emails.




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Bigscreen, Inc.


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