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  • cercata

    5 Dic 2016 09:41

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    cercata » 13 JUN 2019  13:36
    Mirad lo que dice Rubin de Index:

    "Facebook wants VR to reach the masses. And for all its strengths, the Index is not a mass market price device. And we don’t want to get into a world in which…

    There are amazing things we could do for $2000 right now. I will tell you that. We would blow you away for $2000. You would leave the show and write a awesome article about what we could do for $2000. For ten grand, we would change your life — and exactly a thousand people would buy it. And so like there’s this interplay between the price point and what we can deliver rationally into an audience big enough to give developers an ecosystem. That we’re very cognizant of.

    It is awesome that there’s competition out there. It is great that people are developing different types of controller. We look at all of them, and if people are like Index is just that controller, great. Let’s try to bring that into a price point where we can put it on the shelf for $399 or less, if it’s going to be our focus device"

    A parte de que resulta gracioso, está claro que pasan de la gama alta, y Valve parece que se la va a llevar de calle.
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  • albertopina1

    17 Nov 2013 19:40

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    albertopina1 » 13 JUN 2019  14:38
    Es un claro "mimimi" en toda regla.

    Me imagino a Rubín diciendo "cintitrinticinqui gridis di fiv, cinticuarenticuatri hirzi...."
    Su pérgola en Murcia y Alicante al mejor precio en www.pergomur.com
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