RUNNER (Quest)

features visceral first-person arcade driving combat that embraces the unique visual style of late 1980’s prestige anime.

⁍ Freeform 360-degree VR shooting
⁍ Blisteringly fast motorcycle combat with full maneuvering control
⁍ Unlockable bikes with unique attributes and abilities
⁍ Intuitive gameplay with upgradeable sidearm mods
⁍ Combine mounted gun upgrades to create unique weapons
⁍ Utilize missiles and grenades as part of your arsenal
⁍ Deflect incoming fire with the energy saber
⁍ Execute time-bending special moves with R.U.S.H. mode
⁍ 7 Procedurally-generated levels unique to every playthrough
⁍ High-speed encounters with varied enemy types
⁍ Chain together combos for massive scores
⁍ Enormous and intense boss encounters
⁍ Fully-voiced narrative single-player experience
⁍ Featuring the voices of Steve Blum, Sandra Saad and Richard Epcar
⁍ Accessibility and comfort modes for novice players
⁍ Hidden achievements and global leaderboards
⁍ Dynamic soundtrack by Fat Bard


Truant pixel, LLC