Drums Rock (Quest) (APP LAB)

Get on stage and discover a variety of fantastic worlds. On Drums rock you will live a complete experience with:

· 15 ORIGINAL rock songs, based on the history of rock…. and some surprises.
· An inside game store with more than 50 items, and some of them are crazy!
· Differents environment designed specifically for VR with 3d sound effects and more
· Online worldwide ranking to show your skills to the world!
· A complete campaign with more than 5h of duration!
· A lot of special modes and trials, final stages with bosses and more!
· Difficulty for every kind of player, an easy start for everyone and a Hard mode for the ones experienced on the music games.

Drums Rock is born with the intention to reminisce the great ROCK music games, move away from techno music, and make a tribute to classic and modern rock history, to make rock great again!. We have combined music games with arcade/hordes games to integrate it into a fantastic and punk world, where you feel like a real rocker in VR




Garage51 Entertainment S.L.