Yupitergrad (PC)

???????? FEATURES ???????????? Minimal risk of motion sickness thanks to innovative design.
???? Over 50 tight-packed levels to explore and conquer.
???? Indiana Jones-like navigation via grappling hooks and boosters.
???? Lots of crazy platforming stunts.
???? Riddles and spatial puzzles.
???? "Dieselpunk in space" atmosphere.
???? Slavik humor and peculiar story.
???? Original, stylized art.
???? Soundtrack by acclaimed video games music composer - Piotr Surmacz.
???????? SUMMARY ????????【Can you imagine VR game almost free of motion sickness or headaches? How about roaming through industrial space station with grappling hooks and spatial boosters like a space Indiana Jones? Ever wanted to see the perspective of a space comrade, all soaked in Dieselpunk vibe? Or wondered how acrobatics in space, zapping off ledges and walls, would feel like?

【Well look no further Yupitergrad is THE complete package - of ALL above. Arcade platforming like you haven't seen before. Spatial riddles where you need to be both dexterous and quick-thinking. All bathed in gritty, Slavik, humorous story and wacky acrobatics you simply WON'T find ANYWHERE else.

【So, my dear comrade...
...ready to become the Space Soviet Tarzan™...? ????‍????


Gamedust Sp. z o.o.


Steam Oculus


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Agosto 27, 2020

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