Yupitergrad (Quest)

Yupitergrad is the plunger-driven kosmonaut game where you can swing through space station with style all in cell-shaded graphics. Can you believe that grappling hooks is the definitive way of locomotion in place like this? It's one of a kind experience, where VR platformer meets puzzles in a single player campaign. It also gives you arcade thrills with Time Attack mode. All of this is soaked in delicious dieselpunk sauce.

* Finally, dynamic platform game without a risk of motion sickness;
* Indiana Jones-like navigation where you use grappling hooks and boosters? It's like a jam and peanut butter combination
* Campaign with over 50 levels, wacky plot and a dose of slavic humour and dad jokes;
* Everyone loves environmental puzzles, we have them!
* Time attack mode where you swing through 20 arcade levels and with leaderboards
* List of energetic and atmospheric tracks;
* Unique dieselpunk-in-space vibe;
* Easy to learn! - you need only two minutes to swing.