Davigo (PC)

EPIC VR vs. PC DUELS Fight as the mighty Giant or the nimble Warrior in explosive, physics-based battles. Designed for VR pass-and-play multiplayer.THE GIANT (VR)Your goal is to launch the puny Warrior off the stage in any way possible.

Dislodge rocks and uproot trees to throw at your foe
Smack the earth like a drum to release deadly shockwaves
Dodge incoming rockets by leaning left, right, and back
Create makeshift shields using your environment to block the Warrior's firepowerTHE WARRIOR (PC)Your goal is to shatter the Giant's fragile head using the many explosives at your disposal.

Lob your signature bombs to blow up everything
Collect rockets scattered around the island, then light the fuse and aim for the Giant's head
Run over switches to summon deadly cannons and supplement your firepower
Feel the joy of being tossed around like a limp sock puppet


Roystan Robco playfulbacon



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