✔ YUA's Special Costume
- Pre-Purchase only! Take a look at YUA wearing the cutest kitten hoodie ever.
✔Original Sound Track
- Beautiful and Emotional melodies that will recall you memories with YUA.
✔4K Wallpaper
- Capturing sparkling moments with YUA, get the wallpaper and feel the vibe around your monitor

* Pre-Order gifts are downloadable from 7/5 , and are exclusive for pre-purchase .

You are a senior in high school majoring in photography and working part-time at a cafe.
Yours is an ordinary life.

One day, for the first time in a while, you are taking photos at a park. It’s a day like any other... until you meet a girl, as cute as a princess from a fairytale. She accepts your request to be your model for the day, but she soon disappears out of embarrassment...

The next day, she comes to the cafe where you work and asks you to take more pictures of her.

Does she just want someone to take photos of her?
Or... is she interested in you?

“FOCUS on YOU” is the first VR game developed by Smilegate Entertainment.
As a VR Dating Adventure, players will be able to experience realistic, heart-racing dates with the virtual female lead, HAN YUA.

Get to know a cheerful yet modest, shy but charming junior in a high school of the arts: HAN YUA. Recall the memories of your beautiful first love through a realistic experience with a sense of intimacy that was previously unattainable in dating genre games.




Smilegate Entertainment


Steam Oculus

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FOCUS on YOU (PlayStation 4)

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Julio 5, 2019

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