Ctrl (Android)

A first in the VR arena, Ctrl is a compelling drama which follows the story of a young gamer embroiled in a e­-sports competition in the midst of a war at home.

“Hunger Games meets Black Mirror meets Tron” ­ VR Women

“It’s a story about power, escalation, silent suffering and, as the name suggests, control. It explores these themes with uncompromising conviction, making full use of VR to lose you in an experience you won’t soon forget” ­ Upload VR

Raindance Film Festival Official Selection
Nominated for Best Mobile Experience at The Proto Awards

Ctrl is a 20min passive seated experience and headphones are required. It is an intense emotional drama that contains adult themes and depictions of violence, which some viewers may find upsetting.

We recommend using Marshmallow OS or later. An in­-app download of 1GB is required.


Breaking Fourth


Breaking Fourth



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