Amid Evil VR (Quest)

A retro FPS for the ages! Completely rebuilt from the ground up for VR! Once branded a HERETIC. Now YOU have been chosen as our champion! Reclaim our sacred weapons. Take back our ancient lands. If you can stand... AMID EVIL.

SEVEN distinct episodes each featuring a completely different setting and enemies

LUDICROUS magical weaponry that can be overcharged with the souls of the dead and used in either hand

BRUTAL and adaptive enemy AI that will hunt you down on land, sea and air

SPRAWLING non-linear levels filled with secrets and ancient lore

MULTITUDES of in-game options + cheat codes for a truly golden PC age experience

EPIC original & dynamic soundtrack composed by Andrew Hulshult

BUILT in Unreal Engine 4 for cutting edge visuals (even if they are a bit retro)




Andre Elijah Immersive