Ornament Express (PC)

Demo is incompatible with SteamVR Beta 1.25.3

Hop aboard Ornament Express, a Virtual Reality puzzle game, where you take the role of a Private Investigator in the 1900's in Switzerland. You've been hired by your client after a crime streak saw his valuable curios stolen. The trail this eccentric thief left behind leads you to a train, filled with stolen artefacts and mysterious items. Can you find the client's stolen goods?

In this game you're tasked with sneaking through a moving cabinet of curiosity, the hideout of a fanatic thief obsessed with the strange and weird, looking for what he stole from your client. Stuck behind a series of puzzles and locked in the train, you'll have to rummage through drawers and clutter, solve the puzzles laid out in the carts and find miniature traincarts to continue progressing through this strange hoard of bits and bobbles.




Choo Choo Studios



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Junio 6, 2023

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