Horrors of Space (PC)

Horrors of Space is a 4-player co-op survival horror game. You and 3 other crew members awaken from cryo sleep to find the Aries in a state of emergency, invaded by an alien creature. It’s up to you and your teammates to work together to get out alive.

Your goal is to safely get off the spaceship without falling prey to the AI controlled alien creature, which has dynamic behaviors and reactions to its surroundings.

Your escape plan: search the ship for the key cards you need to access the locked areas and then hack the workstations to reroute power to the escape pods. There is more than one way of hacking the workstations: You can brute-force your way in and hack them or you can find the passwords somewhere on the ship.

Exploring the ship will also be useful for finding items you can later use to defend yourself and your fellow crew members against the alien creature. Some of these items can be used as they come, while others need to be combined to craft tools, weapons and other useful devices.

Items are randomly scattered about the ship and the passwords are different every time you play, so each game is unique.

Each crew member has unique skills and one item that only they can use, so choose wisely and combine your strengths to survive.Key features
Over 800,000 square feet of explorable spaceship.
AI controlled alien creature with dynamic behaviors and reactions.
Every game is unique: passwords, clues and items are generated randomly at the beginning of every new game.


Jordi Martínez Novo



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Septiembre 30, 2022

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