Jupiter & Mars (Quest)

Experience the definitive edition of Jupiter & Mars, the acclaimed VR underwater adventure game where you control two dolphins, Jupiter and her sidekick Mars, and save the oceans!

Fully enhanced for Quest with improved graphics and gameplay, Jupiter & Mars takes you on an unforgettable journey through submerged cities like New York and London as you neutralize machines that are disrupting sea life. Use Jupiter’s dolphin sonar and Mars’ ramming abilities to explore the ocean depths, gain new power-ups, and encounter legendary sea creatures!

“A beautiful and surreal undersea adventure” - GameSpot
“A VR treat with a vital message” - Eurogamer
“The visuals are awe-inspiring” - IGN

Game Features:

* Stunning underwater visuals and mesmerizing soundtrack
* Unforgettable story that's guided by Elder whales
* “Metroidvania”-style power-up progression system
* Turtles, manta rays, and other sea life to rescue
* Bonus treasures and secrets to discover


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