Outmode (PC)

SummaryOutmode is an arcade racer heavily inspired by the Outrun aesthetic movement of the early 2010s. Featuring a retro-futuristic neon setting of beaches, cities and highways; experience the '80s again like never before and take the wheel of a legendary pop culture inspired car, get up close and personal to your rivals and become the driver you always dreamed you could be.

Features A cast of '80s style "hero" cars/characters, each with their own unique abilities and driving stats - unlocked with a progression system.
Heavy use of the Outrun aesthetic and Synthwave music, both in a traditional and modern style.
Three different pulse racing or "chill out to" game modes - completely configurable by the player, as listed further below.
A unique arcade driving model with drifting, boosting and manual gear shifting you won't find anywhere else!
The choice between an immersive first person mode with no HUD or the classic hood or third person chase camera.
Split screen/local multiplayer - with Steam remote play support.
The choice to listen to your own music or the provided soundtrack (DMCA free) - both of which are illustrated with in-game audio visualisation.
Unique in-game environments which allow for some amazing picturesque moments.
Mouse steering allows the game to played with only one hand (with rebinds)!
Worldwide leaderboards for high scores - compete to be the best!
Planned post launch content/support.

Game Modes Race - Standard race mode, use your abilities to battle your rivals across a diverse range of neon ridden environments.
Endless - See that sunset? Drive 'till the end of the earth to reach it. Optional enemies with varying degrees of difficulties that will not stop until your car is wrecked.
Time Attack - Time trial game mode, race your previous best ghost on any map and set the best times out of your friends.








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