Kartoffl (PC)

The spuds are on the run - and they need your help! There’s no questioning their adorable cuteness, but their intelligence is another matter, as they carelessly stumble to their demise unless you place the correct devices in their path.

Partially inspired by oldschool Amiga classics such as Lemmings and Pipe Mania, the base premise of Kartoffl is simple: help the spuds get safely from point A to point B. The visual style is playful and full of character, while gameplay interactions are intuitive and snappy.

Playable in full room scale VR, standing or seated, Kartoffl offers a fresh style of gameplay where hectic, time-sensitive puzzle mechanics are fused with the unique affordance of VR to put you close-up in the middle of the action.

Now go save those spuds!


Acción Casual indie






Steam Oculus

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Kartoffl (Quest)

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Noviembre 3, 2022

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