Meteoric VR - Demo (Quest) (APP LAB)

Welcome to Meteoric VR DEMO! You can now play 2 levels completely for free. Do you want to play more? Join our Discord to get exclusive access to closed beta! Join link is down below.

Meteoric VR is a first-person space shooter where the objective is to defend the planet on top of which you're standing from flying meteors. One hit is enough to lose it all. Our signature feature is a unique movement that you have to make with your hands to achieve successful shooting.

Key features:
- Fully implemented hand tracking
- Fitness element
- Addictive gameplay supported by adaptive music

We created Discord as the main platform to interact with the community and beta testers. We share sneak peaks, hottest news, behind the scenes content and answer questions on a daily basis. If you are interested in the game or want to help us out by giving constructive feedback, please feel free to join the server.



Meteoric s.r.o.


Meteoric s.r.o.