Squingle (Quest) (APP LAB)

Before time there was only Squingle – and she needs your help to create the Universe!

The spiraling psychedelic puzzle – Liquid crystal levels are alive, mystical, and other-worldly, offering a unique multisensory showcase that must be seen, heard and felt to be believed. Grab the two revolving orbs and guide them through iridescent mazes that twist and turn, forming structures like DNA. Will you discover the meaning of Squingle?

> Sensory Satisfaction
Relax with refreshing visuals and a 3D tactile gameplay experience only possible in VR.
Find your flow through 100 hand-crafted levels and a changing musical soundscape.

> Get Competitive
Compete with Leaderboards and Achievements – calling all Speed Runners – and challenge your own ghost at double-speed for double satisfaction.

> Addictive Gameplay
Solve puzzles by switching your rotation with special orbs to find secret items, multiple paths and hidden routes, and master maneuvers around dangerous dances of obstacles.


Squingle Studios


Benjamin Outram



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Squingle (PC)