Squingle (PC)

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Before time there was only Squingle – and she needs your help to create the Universe!

A spiraling psychedelic puzzle – Squingle is a game of rhythm and satisfaction. Guide revolving orbs through pearlescent helical mazes that react to you like liquid crystal – but be careful! Avoid a choreography of obstacles along the way.

Levels are formed of organic shapes that emulate the iridescent beauty of butterflies – they are alive with a mystical, other-worldly quality. Grabbing the two revolving orbs, you must guide them through levels that twist and turn, forming helical structures reminiscent of DNA. Will you Squingle?

1. Zone in to the rhythm of the music to time your flow.
2. Master maneuvers around a dangerous dance of obstacles.
3. Solve puzzles using special orbs that reverse your rotation.
4. Discover shortcuts and secrets items with multiple paths and hidden routes.
5. Challenge yourself at ultra-satisfying double-speed.
6. Be rewarded for clearing levels without taking damage - can you achieve perfection?
7. Compete to complete levels in record time.


Casual indie


Squingle Studios


Ben Outram



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Squingle (Quest) (APP LAB)

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Febrero 10, 2021

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