Scraper: Gauntlet (PC)

Scraper: Gauntlet brings a new and unique perspective to the Scraper universe with this fast-paced RPG wave shooter. Gauntlet takes place in the remains of Refugio, an abandoned city on the outskirts of New Austin. As an Operative of the HRF (Human Resistance Force), you are tasked with retrieving important and classified information vital to pushing back the Humech forces that now occupy and control mega-cities around the world.

Gauntlet features heavy weapon customization through skill trees, mods, and player advancement. Players can expect hours of gameplay and progression with dozens of missions, numerous boss fights, unique levels, and various ways to continually upgrade the power of their character.

Throughout your campaign you will encounter familiar enemies, as seen in Scraper: First Strike, with their own unique modifiers to keep you on your toes. Your main source of firepower comes from the T.W.S. or Tri-Weapon System.

Outfitted on each arm are:
Dual Mini-Guns

Plasma Grenade Launcher

High-Powered Beam Rifle

Anti-Gravity Fluctuator

It’s your choice which weapon best fits your playstyle and situation. Unlock powerful weapon modifications as you complete missions and challenges to alter you weapon’s behavior! Gain stat points as you progress through the game to increase the overall effectiveness of your weapons and utilities in combat. With unique enemy modifiers, random room generation, scaling difficulty, exciting and tense boss fights, and emergent gameplay, you are sure to have a blast traversing the levels of Scraper: Gauntlet!


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Labrodex, Inc.


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