Synth Riders (Quest)

Synth Riders is a game about experiencing incredible music in a whole new way. You’ll feel it as your arms soar when riding our unique rail system and instantly know you’re in the music.

From the diverse environments, lighting, the carefully crafted beat maps, the catchy rhythms and melodies, the way the notes flow, how notes and obstacles make your body move, the way the haptics feel, and so many other tiny details from the love put into this game.

Synth Riders absolutely loads your senses for an experience that’s truly unique, unforgettable and simply a blast to play.

- 21 top songs and new top artists added regularly
- World leaderboards taking advantage of Quest’s brand new social features and includes cross-platform support
- Different modes that keep the game fresh, including force mode for harder workouts and challenges
- An active community supporting and creating infinite forms of gameplay
- Multiplayer coming soon


Kluge Interactive