Waltz of the Wizard (PC)

Waltz of the Wizard is a virtual reality experience that lets you feel what it’s like to have magical powers. Combine arcane ingredients into a boiling cauldron with the help of an ancient spirit trapped in a human skull. Unleash creative or destructive wizardry upon a fully interactive virtual world. Travel to new places, finding yourself in mysterious circumstances full of detail and unforgettable atmosphere.

Aldin has been at the forefront of the VR revolution since early 2013, developing innovative software products across major VR platforms for PC and mobile markets (Trial of the Rift Drifter, Asunder, Twisted Realms and Waltz of the Wizard). Aldin is currently working on Ghostline, a new kind of analytics and visualization tool for VR that was used extensively in development of Waltz of the Wizard.


Aldin’s Ghostline was used in the development Waltz of the Wizard to ensure an engaging and polished user experience. Ghostline is an advanced analytics suite for virtual reality that offers unprecedented insight into how users experience your content. Through a simple setup process and intuitive interface, Ghostline instantly provides unique metrics & visualizations to help identify areas of improvement and evaluate the effectiveness of VR content.



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