WorkinVR (PC)

WorkinVR is a virtual desktop, augmented keyboard overlays and utility for VR creators.
It features,
1.Flexible, easy to use virtual displays mirroring your monitors. Just click of mouse to move, rotate and scale your virtual displays anywhere in space.
2.Augmented keyboard is a live stream of your keyboard. Now you can see your keyboard and hands and type freely. This feature requires setup of external webcam.
3. Custom curved main virtual display.
4. Color correction for each virtual display.
5. Adjustable cut-through window so VR creators can transform their two dimensional game/scene view into the true virtual space.
6. WorkinVR is a in-app overlay. Run any other standalone VR application and on the top of it WorkinVR. Play your favorite game or app and access your desktop and keyboard.

Virtual reality is the new human-computer interactive interface. It brings a new magnitude in our ability to create and experience new environments limited only by our imagination. Now we are no more bound by the two-dimensional rectangular screen but fully immersed in a three-dimensional space. Most of us when we go to work every day we sit in front of the computer screen and use a keyboard to do our job. These are the most important devices to interact with the informational world and yet up to this point of time Virtual Reality fails to offer a good enough alternative. There are no existing practical application of virtual screen and keyboard.

WorkinVR standing for "Work in virtual reality" delivers such a solution. It bridges the gap between the old and the new technology by providing a flexible, easy to use virtual displays mirroring your monitors and augmented keyboard which is a live stream of your real keyboard inside the virtual environment. In addition it provides a utility for VR creators to edit their project inside their virtual world while creating.