Can you escape the Cruise boat (PC)

Can you escape the Cruise boat
Can you escape the Cruise boat
You wake up on a Cruise ship, and have no idea how you got here. Obviously you need to get out of here, but there are many surprises and obstacles in your way to get out from this boat. Can you do it? Find your way out by searching for clues and solving puzzles in this very unique 3D game experience that will give you hours of game play.

- Lots of rooms to escape and doors to open
- Many different locations to explore
- Easy controls
- Addicting and fun
- Auto save will start you exactly where you left last time

You get 3 Free hints, if you need more you will need to pay for extra hints.
Try to solve the game without using hints, or not before you are absolutely stuck.

If you like escape games, puzzle games or hidden object games you have something to look forward to.
Good luck :)

Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish

PS: Contact us at if you have any suggestions on the next release.




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