Sick Coaster (PC)

Sick Coaster
Sick Coaster
Sick Coaster, the name says it all.

It was created to tease your brain, to make you feel burteflies in your stomach. With Sick Coaster, you will have a real-like experience. The dark atmosphere and the flashes of light will remind you of a famous real coaster.

To prevent some comments regarding the images, yes you can see pixels sometimes. It was either having pixels or having to download 5 Gb for a roller coaster... we had to make a choice.
Also, we made it using physical conditions, using throttle or brakes for the train, which means none of the speed you will feel is virtually made, it would be the same in real. The only differences with a real one are : no wind in your hair, and no heart attack.

Just have fun! :D


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Febrero 8, 2018

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