Unforgiven VR (Android)

Unforgiven VR
Unforgiven VR
Unforgiven is a VR game for GearVR that let you become a western duelist and face other player in a real shooting duel where a split second can make the difference. The game lets you search for fast duels with anyone or duel a specific player. Each duel has several rounds and let the players rematch if they want so. There are several characters available, different weapons to use and even additional modes that let you practice your aim through different types of challenges (such as shooting cans in your ranch).

Select one of the seven available characters and start your journey in the wild west.

Dueling is hard and dangerous, not everyone is gifted with the ability to shoot a weapon, but practise makes perfection and in the training field you will be able to shoot some objects to tune your aim before challenging someone.



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