Speedball Arena (PC)

Speedball Arena
Speedball Arena
Get ready to be hooked on Speedball Arena!

Speedball Arena is a futuristic VR eSport where players on hoverbikes snatch a ball with hook guns to score goals in a virtual stadium. It has two players assigned to each of the two teams, using two Vive or Oculus Touch motion controllers to control a hoverbike and a hook gun to snatch and throw a ball into their opponent’s goal, in a way that resembles a football game.

Intuitive Controls: Control your hoverbike and the hook gun with two controllers on each hand. The intuitive controls let you become quickly absorbed in the virtual world.
Supersonic Speeds: Hoverbikes will allow you to enjoy the thrilling speed that no one has ever experienced before. Speed up even more by snatching the hook points floating in the air.
Dynamic Use of Hook Guns: Lead your team to victory by catching the ball with your hook gun at the right exact moment.


Reality Reflection Inc.


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