Candle Cube (Android)

Candle Cube
Candle Cube
This is the awesome VR puzzle game forever!

Lets Try to destroy the cubes surrounding you from whole VR space,
for achieving the high score!

You will be definitely excited by when the cubes loom up in front of you.
Lets Move the cubes around the VR space with stick,
Lets Make correct pattern of cubes,
And Lets go ahead to get the high score that nobody have got yet.
The deep interesting, fascinating experiences are there.
This immersive puzzle will be one of your favorites.

Its really simple.
Just only rule you have to do is gathering same color 3 or more cubes with stick.
Be careful not to be junkie of the puzzle!
If you destroyed cubes subsequently after previous other color cubes,
You get the COMBO score!
For instance, if you destroyed red 3 cubes, then blue cubes automatically followed that(by gravity), you may get the COMBO score.

Its time to prove that you are genius with the COMBO!