RIFF VR makes you the player in your own rock and roll world. REAL MUSIC with VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS. Choose from a growing selection of indie and major label songs across various genres. Classic Rock includes tracks by LYNYRD SKYNYRD, JOE WALSH, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, WALL OF VOODOO and more. METAL HITS includes KISS, POISON, CINDERELLA, LA GUNS, and more. Play drums, or be the lead singer. Play to score, or freeplay to the playback track in your Rehearsal Studio. Perform on stage in a TV Studio, or on a Megastage. Select your avatar and watch YOUR performance. ROCK OUT!

Coming soon - Performance environment Customization tools. Guitar gameplay. Video creation and sharing options. More choices of everything - music, characters, avatars, environments, instruments, cameras, lighting.


IMEX Media, Inc


IMEX Media, Inc


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