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Home - A VR Spacewalk
Home - A VR Spacewalk
Throw yourself into the void 250 miles above Earth in this award-winning VR spacewalk inspired by NASA's training program and the astonishing experiences of its astronauts. Home - A VR Spacewalk puts you at the center of the story, taking you on an emotional and personal journey while delivering beautiful, heart-stopping, and memorable moments.

By downloading and using Home – A VR Spacewalk, you agree to the BBC’s Terms of Use. The terms of the Oculus Store and of the manufacturer and/or supplier of any device you use for this app apply, but please read the ‘Play it safe’ section of the Terms of Use. Home – A VR Spacewalk experience is for personal, non-business use only. Home – A VR Spacewalk is copyright 2017 BBC and/or its licensors. All rights reserved. The app is published by BBC Media Applications Technologies Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC. Full details are available at: http://data.companieshouse.gov.uk/doc/company/07100235


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