Space Crawl (PC)

Virtual reality meets zero-gravity! Space Crawl is a first-person shooter built exclusively for VR that immerses you in an abandoned space station overrun by aliens and the space stations security bots.

Your mission to a new planet comes up short when the N.A.V.I.G.A.T.O.R forgets where Pluto is! Armed with little more than your motion-controlled weapons, you need to navigate the eerie halls of the station trying to find a map while protecting yourself against anything that comes out of the shadows.

Developed from the ground up for HTC Vive, Space Crawl launches you aboard an abandoned space station. Handle weapons with real-life movements, dodge space aliens, move in zero-gravity, and put your survival skills to the test. Truly an immersive first person zero-gravity experience.

Realistic movement: Physical zero-gravity movement that simulates a realistic weightless experience.Real-life weapon handling: Using VR motion controllers, handle 2 weapons with real-life movements. Anticipate attacks and aim down the sights to blast your enemies into space dust.
Only in VR: Space Crawl is a VR shooter exclusively built for VR. Step into the space station as if you were taking your 'first steps' in zero-gravity.


Hyperfine Studio


Hyperfine Studio



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Agosto 1, 2017

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