Defense Grid 2: GearVR (Android)

Defense Grid 2: GearVR
Defense Grid 2: GearVR
Defense Grid 2’s amazing tower-defense strategy gameplay comes to Gear VR and supports the Gear VR Controller! It is “Free to Try” providing the full first chapter of content for free, with only a single upgrade purchase to unlock FIVE additional chapters of content. Defense Grid 2 pushes premium mobile VR gaming to its limits - utilizing the latest VR technology, Defense Grid brings Rift quality gaming to Gear VR. We recommend updating your Android device to the latest OS version and drivers to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

Defense Grid has long been the gold standard of tower defense strategy games, and the VR version is one of the most comfortable VR games you can purchase while giving you a physical sense of the action around you that really enhances your strategic awareness of the game. Defense Grid 2 supports the Gear VR Controller, standard headset controls, or a Bluetooth Gamepad so you can play the way you want to play.




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