Jetman VR (Android)

Jetman VR
Jetman VR
Trapped in the confines of a Space Laboratory experiment gone awry, you are the only survivor and have to escape the threats that your team failed to overcome. Dangers await you at every corridor, and you only have your trusty jetpack to help you survive the perils that await you at every turn.

-> Randomly generated hallways that intelligently adapt to the player’s skill level.
-> A Jetpack with realistic physics to ensure only the best space cadets can master the flight.
-> Immersive and detailed environments will have you looking all over your surroundings for constant dangers.
-> Challenging obstacles which will take time and patience to learn and survive against.
-> Survive deadly encounters with a menacing boss to keep your run going.
-> Compete against players from all over with a real-time leaderboard. How long can you hold the top spot or take the crown from the king?


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