Slinger VR (PC)

It's like just a dream, a nightmare maybe, but long awaited morning doesn't seem to come. You are stuck down here in this strange world, that sometimes seems so uncomfortably familiar. There are memories, burried deep inside. Thoughts you would rather avoid reminiscing. Over years, you've been building layers upon layers of mental defences. Maybe now it's time to breach them, dismantle them, and face what has been done to you, and what you have done, and who you really are. As terrifying it seems, it may be the only pathway through those strange portals, towards awakening.

Slinger VR is an action adventure game, where you climb, fly and sling through vast spaces and abstract structures that form inside one's mind. Defeat enemies and collect memories to activate portals that lead to next levels.


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Abril 23, 2020

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