MarksmanVR (PC)

Hi i'm glad to introduce my game on steam.
I have invested 8 months researching and developing this game so far.
I have experienced number of VR archery games back then, I realized that this genre of games are optimal experience for VR in current hardware setting. Someone could point out this type of games already crowded. I admit that i wasn't able to catch up that pace by myself. Istead of that, I did my best to meet my own quality requirement, even though i can see there are tons of things still needs to be improved.
Built on format of archery wave shooter, I've tried to define my version of archery experience in VR.

Here is list of feature that you might be interested in.
- Spent 1 month on Bow mechanics (This is most important thing in this type of game)
- Struggled for 2 weeks to make arm IK work properly
- Spent 3 months on Gameplay and still needs more(Bullet time, hit FX, combo, Naval combat, Boss battle)
- Researched 4 weeks on Graphics, animation and physics
- 5 Different nature (Village, Mountain, Desert, Ocean, Volcanic Island)
- 6 Combinatorial Skills(Flame, Push, Multi, Homing, Repair, Manaregen)
- Various enemies more than 7(Melee, Archer, Shielder, Horseman, SiegeWeapons(Trebuchet, Catapult), Tower, Ships Monsters(Orc, Dragon))

My goal is to develop a complete version of archery experience in terms of quality and gameplay.
This game is still on developing, planned to be released early access until I consider development is completed.
Please note that some feature of trailer is currently developing, you will likely to get second half of trailer during early access period.


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