Overload Playable Teaser 3.0 (PC)

Overload is a new six-degree-of-freedom shooter from the creators of Descent. It is currently in Early Access and will be released in full on May 31, 2018. This Playable Teaser gives a taste of game including one single-player-style level and two Challenge Mode levels. Earlier versions of this demo were released in March 2016 and March 2017. Features included in the version are essentially the same as they will be in the full version.

Overload is an intense combat game that takes place in a full-3D world. The full game will feature:

- Single-player story campaign with 15+ FULL-SIZE atmospheric levels
- Upgradeable player ship and 12+ weapons with multiple upgrade options
- More than a dozen unique robots with multiple variants, and 3 massive bosses
- Story by the writer of FREESPACE 2, plus pulse-pounding soundtrack
- Multiplayer, including free-for-all and team modes
- Expanded Challenge Mode with Countdown variant, lots of levels, and online leaderboards
- Easy-to-use custom Level Editor (post-release) so you can build and share levels

This demo contains a training level, a sample single-player "destroy the reactor" level, and two Challenge Mode levels that let you test your skills against a horde of enemies.

Overload is available now via Steam Early Access. If you like the demo, check out the full version!




Revival Productions, LLC



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