Everything Must Fall (PC)

Everything Must Fall is an action-packed physics puzzle game in VR. You are an outcast among the tinies working your daily job as a demolitioner at Blow Big Stuff Up Ltd. Before you know it, your life is turned upside down. You must save your parents.

Early Access helps us iterate with our users and in the end push the final version to its full potential. During the early access we will publish a new part of the story every month.Featuring:EXPLOSIONS AND DESTRUCTION!
Cause havoc in a physics built world!
Fun tools to discover and experiment with.
13 unique levels, featuring dynamites, speed ramps, and more.
A selfie stick, for the vain.Roadmap:Global leaderboards
Finalize Act I: The Sky book
Add Act II: The Pirate book
Add Act III: The Inferno book
Aiming at 80+ action packed levels.
More stuff! Cannons, pirate ships, slingshots, paper airplanes, coconuts, gravity wells, pirates, devils, skulls, and the list goes on!
The grand story finale


Carry Castle


Carry Castle


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