VR Invaders - Complete Edition (PlayStation 4)

Fast-paced gunslinger action – blow your enemies to pieces, slow down time, dodge their shots, block bullets with your shield.
Stylish arcade shootout – send robot parts flying and gather power-ups to arm yourself with dual blasters and transform your cyber weapons into more powerful modes.
Different game modes – fight against hordes of enemies in several endless modes and try to survive for as long as you can.
Various levels – level structure shapes the gameplay: fight in different environments, from claustrophobic and dark, to enormously big and bright.
Destructible level elements – leave a trail of destruction as you progress through the game, turn each of the highly detailed levels into a virtual scrapyard.
Local leaderboards – compete with your friends to get the highest score: kill drones in a quick succession and shoot incoming bullets to maximize your combo score.

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