Star Hunter VR (PC)

Star Hunter Vr
Star Hunter VR is an Science Fiction hunting game, Experience fast paced hunting action in Science Fiction World. Explore of varied terrain, ranging from dense forests to lush valleys and Terror Valley or Desert.

Star Hunter VR game offers the most immersive hunting experience ever created .
Take on missions and challenges from the world, enjoy each one filled with surprises and memorable moments.

Game support:1. VR mode using HTC VIVE controller,
The left handle pulls the trigger to open the energy shield.The right handle pulls the trigger to get the bow and arrow.
Shooting icon selection level or upgrade.
2. PC mode mouse left and right button control.Left mouse button to launch bow and arrow.
Right mouse button to open the energy shield.
Shooting icon selection level or upgrade.
There are ten levels, each time through the level to unlock the next level.Complete all levels, you can choose to New Game Plus cyclesUse the acquired gold coins to upgrade.After each level of the New Game Plus cycles,in the first seven points to obtain a new level bow.
Features Dangerous animal and monster encounters.
Explore a Science Fiction World.
Optional Virtual Reality support. Enjoy the game in Htc Vive VR!
Immersive Audio.
As you progress through the levels, the difficulty of increasing.
More than 2 hours of play time, Endings for 10 Levels, before initiation New Game Plus cycles.







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Marzo 17, 2017

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