Endless Current (PC)

Endless Current is an alien universe. It plunges you into a micro-world akin to the inside of a biological cell, or perhaps flings you to the outer corners of the universe. You can explore without limit, in any direction, inside and outside of an infinite architecture. Move in the direction your wand is facing by squeezing the trigger -- start gently, go only as you feel comfortable. You may find singing alien creatures surround you, searching for food, digesting, perishing, or reproducing. Tens of thousands of mutating particles drift in the fluid surrounding you. You can collect them to feed to the creatures, and feel how they snatch the nutrients from you. Watch as they digest them and grow! Every element of the world is on constant regeneration and linked within a vast feedback system, with all movements influenced by its endless currents.

Endless Current is part of the research-creation project "Artificial Nature", by Haru Ji & Graham Wakefield.



Artificial Nature



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