Siege Hammer (Android)

Siege Hammer is a uniquely-designed strategic VR game where players take the role of Blip, the young hero who was raised by the wisps, and granted a magical hammer to defend the realm from Rok G’narek’s evil invaders. Will you be the anvil… or the hammer?

- Fun features: wield the mighty Siege Hammer with four dynamic variations of Blip and construct 3 types of upgradeable towers in order to fend off multiple waves of invaders across 40+ hours of enjoyable gameplay!

- Family-friendly: strategic gameplay that anyone can understand, a pleasant and mystical aesthetic, and content for players of all ages!

- Entry level: easy and intuitive to play with controllers or gaze, smooth experience to maximize comfort and control over the environment, no standing room required, move smoothly or by teleportation!


MyDream Interactive Inc.



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