SwingStar (Android)

SwingStar VR allows players to swing around a virtual reality world using a giant sticky hand attached to their head. The game is a third-person swinging physics puzzler that puts players through a wild ride, accelerating the player as they swing. It's wacky and super fun.

A disaster has mutated physics, you must save your home multiverse by ringing all the mysterious bells. A colossus robot stand between you and the final bell.

- Explore all 30 colorful cartoon levels by swinging through enchanted deserts, bright forests, steep canyons, and many more bizarre and beautiful worlds.
- Epic Boss Battle.
- Unlock mysterious doors that unlock secret levels
- Wacky power up items change the gameplay. Turbo Yo-yos swing you around, Air Cannons blast you high in the air, and The Grappling Jelly will suck you to it's gooey surface.
- Brilliantly dreamy soundtrack.
- Master each level to receive a perfect 3 Star rank.
- Get all 84 stars to unlock the mysterious inter-dimensional zone.


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