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I Am You
I Am You
I Am You
I Am You
I Am You
I Am You
I Am You I Am You I Am You I Am You I Am You I Am You

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Enero 8, 2017

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"Cinehackers had created a way to let virtual reality users feel like they were in a first-person perspective movie, kind of like Being John Malkovich." - Vice

"It's a pretty significant development when we're talking in terms of the film language in a story, and how you create a sense of immersion, as opposed to just watching an image." - CBC

"I Am You is an amazing piece of work in VR filmmaking. An intimacy enveloped me that I had never felt before while watching a film." - Toronto Film Scene

Experience an intimate story like never before - through the eyes of the characters. Follow a young couple who discover a new crowd-funded app that allows them to swap consciousnesses and feel what it's like to be in each other's body.










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