Yulio Viewer (Android)

Yulio Viewer is your window into the world of ultra-realistic architecture and interior designer virtual reality experiences.

With Yulio, designers use state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools like 3DS Max™, Revit™, and SketchUp™ to produce virtual reality content and transform it into sharable Virtual Reality Experiences.

Visit the Yulio.com Gallery to see some of the best experiences being created by professional architecture and design firms today - and check back often, we’re publishing new content all the time.

Just click a link from the Gallery or from your designer, follow the simple instructions to connect your headset with your email address and then grab your headset - your virtual reality experience will be downloaded automatically and ready to view!


Yulio Technologies Inc.



En otras plataformas

Yulio Viewer (Quest) (APP LAB)