SportsBar VR (PC)

[Feb 14 Update: Custom Video, Music, Improved Haptics, and more]

Bringing the pub experience to your living room.

Play single player against AI opponents, or join up with 6 of your friends as Oculus Avatars to hangout and play some air hockey, throw a few rounds of darts or build an insane dominoes setup using books, chairs and bottles. Unlock a wide array of collectible hats and fun objects to add a bit of swagger to your VR style.

Sports Bar VR is the ultimate social game available on Oculus Rift® with Touch, featuring an awesome set of bar games and incredible pool simulation including 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Killer and many more cue sports.

Whether you're a budding Ramp Ball champion, or its a serious game of pool you’re after or just want take part in the time-honored pastime of throwing empty beer bottles against the wall, there's no wrong way to hangout in Sports Bar VR.

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