Event World VR (PC)

We are excited to announce a new VR game we will be releasing!!! The game is "EVENT WORLD VR".
This VR game is created with Unreal Engine 5, so the graphics are insane. "EVENT WORLD" is a metaversal event space with the capability of any desired venue. We have created this event space in a unique way, so the "stage" is set for any event. From musical performances to comedy shows, to live streams. This game has 4 mini games inside. This from basketball, to bowling, to racing cars and much more!! We have created these rogue games to play before the show as well as 24/7 if you desire. Shows will be streamed all around the world for an easy way to interact with people and make connections. Those who desire to hold shows or stream in this event space will become the video game character. We are booking some amazing shows with some amazing artists soon!!! Keep your eyes peeled!


Jeremy Frantz Aubrey York



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Abril 24, 2024

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